Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mary Goes to Paris, Day 9 - Gimme Shelter!

Hôtel Chopin, 10, blvd Montmartre (46 passage Jouffroy), 9me arr.; Métro: Grands Boulevards

"Well, I'm leaving from here in a few minutes to stay at a new hotel, the Hôtel Chopin, located in the Passage Jouffroy. I've always wanted to stay here & I'm very gratified that I got 4 nights! They've given me a double for the price of a single - it's a blue room and anyone who knows me knows blue is my absolute favorite color, so I'm immensely charmed. :) The room looks over the center of the building, not at a courtyard but not exactly an airshaft; I'm sure this is why I procured a double at a price of a single but I'm glad to have the space nonetheless and a BLUE ROOM! :D

Le village, 20, rue d'Orsel, 18me arr.; Métro: Anvers or Abbesses

"I've been staying at a youth hostel, Le Village, in Montmartre. Great location, friendly staff, clean place. I've always wanted to stay in a youth hostel as I like to try new things but after 8 days of staying here I feel I need some space & peace & quiet. It would be nice to get ready in my room without the fear of disturbing everyone else. :)

Hôtel Henri IV, 25, place Dauphine, 1er arr.; Métro: Cité, St-Michel, Pont Neuf

"Also, I was able to get 1 night at the Hôtel Henri IV located on the Place Dauphine on the Île de la Cité! I've always wanted to stay here, too, just for the location. I don't know how I got so lucky but they gave me the top room with views of Notre Dame; the gentleman told me it was the best room in the house. I can't wait! I love views of Notre Dame. Which brings me to my next hotel...

Hôtel les Degrés de Notre Dame, 10, r. Grands Degrés, 5me arr.; Métro: Saint Michel or Maubert Mutualité, RER : B or C stop Saint Michel

"My last 2 nights I'll be staying at my favorite hotel in Paris, the Hôtel les Degrés de Notre Dame. This trip I finally get to stay in room 501 with its views of Notre Dame. My 1st trip I stayed here 2 nights & had room 47 with its lovely partial view of the towers so staying is 501 is thrilling to me. Some people want a hotel with views of the Eiffel Tower, I prefer Notre Dame. Don't know why. :D"