Thursday, April 21, 2005

City Council members "fiddle" while downtown "burns"...

Well, the rumors which have been swirling around and about Kaldi's and The Maisonette for months now have officially come to fruition. Maisonette owner Nat Comisar officially announced Wednesday that the the Maisonette, the only restaurant in the United States to have achieved the prestigious Mobil five-star rating for 41 consecutive years -- longer than any other restaurant in North America -- will move to Kenwood in Sycamore Township in the fall of 2006 (Adieu downtown, bonjour Kenwood).

In yet another brilliant move of complacency, Cincinnati City Council members have seen fit to let Kaldi's, an early mainstay business anchor on the revitalized Main Street strip in Over-the-Rhine, die a natural death after the debacle which was the aftermath of the Cincinnati riots and subsequent boycott(Kaldi's Closes after 12 Years).

God forbid that there might actually be someone on City Council with an ounce of business sense who is not in the pocket of either the Fourth Street business interests or the poverty pimps who are so adamently against change downtown!