Sunday, February 13, 2005

Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?

Chocolate has long been associated with love. At one time, nuns were forbidden to eat it because of its sexual reputation. Casanova is believed to have thought of hot chocolate as the "elixir of love". And in the 18th century, French doctors prescribed chocolate to women patients for a broken heart.

If thou wouldst be my Valentine, I pray you, ply me with chocolates. But not just any chocolates. They must be chocolates from Vosges Haut Chocolat. Chicago's exclusive candylovers' boutique, while expensive, is still less dear than the cost of a trip to Paris to visit Dalloyau. I mean just check out these little beauties in the Exotic Truffles Collection! Such intriguing flavors we have here: Naga (sweet Indian curry + coconut + milk chocolate); Chef Pascal (Kirsch + dried Michigan cherry + dark chocolate); Budapest (sweet Hungarian paprika + dark chocolate); Wink of the Rabbit (soft caramel + Georgian pecan + milk chocolate); Black Pearl (ginger + wasabi + sesame seeds + dark chocolate); Ambrosia (macadamia nut + Cointreau + white chocolate); Woolloomooloo (Australian macadamia nut + coconut + milk chocolate); Absinthe (Chinese star anise + fennel + Pastis + dark chocolate); Viola (candied violet flowers + milk chocolate); Gianduia (crunchy praline + milk chocolate); and Poivre (Telicherry peppercorns + dark chocolate). Flights of fancy realized, in sexy bites of chocolate. Ummmm. I await your arrival...