Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Reflections upon Valentine's Day

I hate to admit it, but my own particular Valentine unfortunately neglected my special chocolate "jones" last night.

I ended up sitting in the smoky environs of my favorite jazz club, with its TV remote in hand, watching as much as I could of the PBS "American Experience" documentary on Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey as the band tuned up. En route to the club, I'd realized that I had mistakenly erred in the channel selection on my VCR timer and wondered how I could remedy the situation. Although I couldn't hear the audio very well, I did manage to see my friend Tom, who wrote a very well-received novel about Kinsey titled The Inner Circle last year, a couple of times in what I assumed might be his lovely California Frank Lloyd Wright house (at least it seemed like there were some narrow windows behind him!).

A friendly stranger at the bar and I had a discussion about Kinsey and his methods and then he started quoting Keats to me: "drink to me only with thine eyes..." (I might have found the Keats more meaningful if he had at least offered to buy me a glass of wine! ;-)) Our conversation continued to include such things as Christo and Jeanne-Claude's Gates project in Central Park; the Stations of the Cross paintings by Mark Rothko; and the fact that David Mamet - oh, f*ck - writes in iambic pentameter! (Of course, these were all *my* opinions!)

My beloved, in addition to composing the charts and leading the band, also makes a really fine poached salmon. The complimentary buffet, which also included a broccoli-cheese soup and chocolate mousse cake, along with assorted butter cookies and chocolate heart candies, added just the right accent for the date-night evening.

It was a slightly odd, but wonderful, Valentine's Day!